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Loom knit fingerless mittens in figure 8 stitch (pattern)

IMG_5492 IMG_5494

The mittens are modeled here by my beautiful daughter, who is 13.

These fingerless mittens are made with a ribbed cuff and a body in figure 8 stitch. Fits adults/teens. The size can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of stitches cast on. (Make sure that the total number of pegs cast on is divisible by four so the rib stitch will work.) You can also make the gloves longer by increasing the number of rows knit in figure 8 before and/or after the thumb hole (rows 17 and 18 below).



Loom: Knitting Board Sock Loom 2 or AllnOne Loom.

Knitting tool: Any will do, but I really love the orange Knitting Board's Knit Hook because it's so comfortable to hold.

Yarn: Sample was made with one strand of Patons Classic Wool in light grey marl, worsted weight (#4). One ball (3.5 oz.) is more than enough for a pair of mittens.

Tapestry needle



Cast on: CO 28 pegs using the double e-wrap cast on. (See the tutorial by GoodKnit Kisses:

Rows 1-10: P2, K2 (K = e-wrap throughout)

Ribbed cuff on Sock Loom 2. I've marked the pegs to be
purled using Avery Color Coding Labels.


Rows 11-16: Figure 8 (F8) stitch. (See the tutorial by GoodKnit Kisses:

Row 17: F8 pegs 1-9 (so that your working yarn finishes coming from peg 9; this means you will wrap and knit over peg 10); bind off pegs 10-14 (see below); your yarn is now coming from peg 15; F8 peg 15 (this differs from the usual F8 because you are only advancing one peg instead of two, thus wrapping pegs 15 and 16); F8 pegs 16-28.

Pegs 10-14:

K pegs 10 and 11, move loop on 11 to 10, knit over, move loop to 11
K peg 12, move loop on 12 to 11, knit over, move loop to 12
K peg 13, move loop on 13 to 12, knit over, move loop to 13
K peg 14, move loop on 14 to 13, knit over, move loop to 14
K peg 15, move loop on 15 to 14, knit over, move loop to 15



 When row 17 is finished, pegs 10-14 don't have any loops.

Row 18: F8 all pegs. (You won't knit over pegs 10-14 until they have two loops on them.)

Rows 19-24: F8.

Bind off: BO using super stretchy bind off. (See the tutorial by Hypnotic Hysteria: Weave in ends.


The finished pair.


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