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On buying Taylor Swift tickets -- 1989 tour

For the last hour before they go on sale I'm at my computer with the Ticketmaster page open, doing other stuff. Then when it gets closer to the time I shut down other programs except my browser, lest they freeze and slow things up. The last ten minutes in particular are tense. Finally the countdown reaches zero and the page automatically reloads to something else, except it takes forever to do it. Then finally there's a page where you have to input the special code we got by email and it works the first time but the page doesn't. I input it again and it DOESN'T work and I'm worried that this is it: we'll never get the tickets. I input it again and again and again, and finally it's accepted. Then I input how many tickets I need and I select "best available" and it starts working. There's also a captcha at some point, which is hard enough on the best of days, let alone now. Then loading, loading, loading, and finally there's a timer telling how long the wait is, and it bounces around from 10 minutes to 5 to 15 to 9 to 4 and finally, after maybe a half hour of all this, the page loads and I'm offered tickets. I have two minutes to accept them and all the while I'm terrified my computer will just cut out. I accept them, but then I have to pay for them, and there's another timer, and I'm glad that I made an account the other day because inputting my credit card number would be hard right now. I hit submit, but it tells me I haven't put in the CCV code. More time is passing. My computer could still die at any moment: it did the other day, three times in a row, so this isn't (just) me being paranoid. I hit submit, and it says it has to take me offsite for Visa to verify the card. Jesus God! This is more time with the clock ticking and God knows whether there will be a problem with the new site and I'll have to start over. But the site loads and the card is verified and I choose the various options--print at home delivery, no charitable donation. And finally I've got the tickets, and I keep checking and rechecking to make sure that I've bought the right number, right stadium, right date. It's all good.


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