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Turn this stupid fat rat yellow

In anticipation of the July 15th release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, we've been on a bit of a Harry Potter spree here. Repeated viewings of movies, and I've started reading the first book to Melissa. I've read it twice before, once to myself and once to Rebecca, but it's been a long time. It's interesting to go back to the source now, after so much familiarity with the movies and after reading the whole series, to see how the book differs from the film and to catch details I'd missed before.

For example, last night's reading leaves me wondering. Did Scabbers, Ron's rat, fail to turn yellow because Ron's spell was deficient, or is it because, as we now know, he wasn't in fact a rat?



Great question! I lost touch with the films as my daughters are now far too old to want to go to the cinema with me, but we did recently catch up with film 7 part 1 on the TV recently and I was impressed, very involved. I never thought the films a patch on the books but this one was quite good.

They really are marvellous books and I hope to read them straight through one day - I have read some in bits via reading aloud to young children, and others in a rush to get to the end to find out what happens...

I think in London they are planning a few "straight through" screenings of all the films, after 7 part 2 comes out.


Hi, Maxine! I think the films have gotten better over the years. I'm having trouble keeping them straight in my head, which one's which, but certainly they got better after the first two. And there are some scenes that are downright charming: Harry dancing with Hermione in 7 part 1, Snape hitting Harry (? Ron?) on the head in one of them, the boys fooling around and eating candy in their dorm room in another. But I have no idea which movies.

I'd like to read them straight through again with Mel, but we'll see. They're very long books. It does add perspective, though, knowing how it all ends.

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