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Weekly Set Puzzle Challenge: May 24

It's Saturday, which means it's time for the deblog's Weekly Set Puzzle Challenge! (View a list of winners of the Weekly Set Puzzle Challenge here.)

This week's scores:
Debra -- 1:41
Karen -- 1:52
Clare -- 3:48
Douglas -- 1:54
Tom -- 2:34
Andree -- 1:35

How to participate:
1. Play the theoretically simple yet maddeningly difficult Set Puzzle. (Remember, the clock starts ticking the moment you open the Set window.)
2. Post your time in the comments to this post.
3. The winner for the week gets to hoist the much-coveted winner's badge. This should be posted in a blog post rather than on your sidebar, say, because, after all, your time to bask in the glory of the win is likely to be ephemeral.

How to post the badge? Some possibilities:

a. Download the badge to your own space and link thereto.
b. Include this code in your post:

c. Alternatively, you're not obliged to post it. This is all in fun, after all.

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Crap! I got the first 5 in no time at all, then it took me more than a minute to find the 6th. 1:52


3.48 Been overusing my brain again.


1:54, was expecting to slink in in utter humiliation after not having done the Set in a while, but on further review, this is not so bad...




1:35 (I'm glad I wrote it down.)


Andree wins it!


from never to twice! thank you!

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