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I know a man with a wooden leg named Smith

Melissa has been obsessed with Mary Poppins since we rented it from Netflix a week or so ago. She particularly likes the scene when Ed Wynn et al. sing "I Love to Laugh" and they have a tea party on the ceiling.

She likes the jokes, and this morning she was giggling over the idea of flying from laughing too much. I had to hold her down on the way to school so she wouldn't fly off.

Point being that, 44 years after its release, the movie is still making little girls laugh. I figure that even if the people who worked on the film had done nothing else with their careers--and of course they did--that alone would be sufficient legacy.



That was one of Melissa's great aunty's favorite scenes in Mary Poppins, too! I had the single 45 of "I Love to Laugh."


Clearly there's a genetic link at play here!

I go the first Mary Poppins books, and we started reading it last night. P.L. Travers died in 1996 at the age of 97.


I've never read the Mary Poppins books. I look forward to your review.


I read the second chapter to the girls last night. So far it's very interesting to see how much it differs from the movie. It also makes you appreciate how much the Disney people had to create from scratch--all the musical elements in particular.

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