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TwitterLit turns one, and where to put your money

I've been very busy on (yet another) secret project (this one not web-based), so relatively silent around here. And my reading has also fallen off big time. However, two things of note:

First, yesterday was the first anniversary of TwitterLit! I posted two anniversary-themed posts for the occasion (morning/evening) by way of celebration. Hard to believe that a year has already passed and--as of right now--some 735 first lines have been posted and Twittered.

This is actually the first of a spate of blogiversaries coming up for me. On May 28th will be turning five (5!). The DEBlog turns four on June 10th. BAFAB will be three on July 1st. And KidderLit will turn one on September 26th. The Sunday Salon, finally, will be one already on October 28th.

Picture 1-12The second big news is that I bought a new wallet. The comments in this Lifehacker post led me to discover the All-ETT. I bought the All-ETT European (aka Junior) the other day, and it came, get this, in a thin envelope. Filled--with seven plastic cards, some money, and six paper cards (a little thinner than plastic)--it's one-quarter the size of my empty old wallet. It fits in my front pocket with my moleskin notebook (which I carry as a running to-do/everything list) and my Leatherman Micra. I'm really happy with it. I've only had it for a couple days, so I can't speak to its durability, but from what I've read it holds up well.

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Piker! This is what a wallet should look like:


I bought Andy an All-ETT a few years ago and he has never looked back. It was also a good opportunity to weed out unnecessary items from his previously bulging leather wallet.


Dear God, Susan. That's not a wallet, it's a hotel room!

Karen, which one did you get Andy?


Stoney is always looking for the perfect wallet; I'll have to send him this link.

As a vegetarian and non-leather user, I find it hard to find a wallet, so I just use a sandwich-size plastic baggie--the kind with a zipper so I know for sure it's sealed. =P


Wow. That is impressive. Do you get any funny looks?

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