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Fat and furry

So I wrote a note this morning to a certain L.R. in which I said of my younger daughter that she can be an odd creature. L.R.'s response made me laugh:

"I wonder where she gets that from??:) Miss 'I want to be covered in fur so we don't have to wear clothes.'"

Now, it's true that I have made the argument that humans would be better off if we were, like dogs, covered in fur. Automatic protection from the elements, sure, and the expense and hassle of clothing would be largely a non-issue. But my primary reason for this is because we would be on the whole a far more attractive species. Let me make my point graphically:

Fat Dog02-1Fat Guy-1-1

Which one would you rather pet?

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Thanks a lot for giving me the hebe jebes!!! {shudders}


That's what I'm here for!


I should have listened to Susan. Don't look, she said.


Debra, Debra, make me think.


Isn't that Jared from the Subway commercials? No more 5 dollar footlongs for him!

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