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The Bit Maelstrom's take on Neaira

Well, this was nice to wake up to: a review of my Trying Neaira over at The Bit Maelstrom. In part, Blake writes:

"The author Debra Hamel has a lively writing style that keeps the story interesting, particularly if you have some interest in the time (which I do, as I mention). She's up-front about what we know and what we don't know, and what can probably conclude given the somewhat sketchy nature of the surviving data."

Very nice. Now to get Melissa off for school on her birthday. The cupcakes are at the ready.



Hi, there! Glad you liked it. I liked the book!

I had all these thoughts when I was reading the book and by the end they came out as hash on my blog. (It's odd, but though I've written a couple million words in my life, including many published works, I'm still finding a blog writing style.)

I co-blog with my pal Kelly doing interviews on so if you have an upcoming work you'd like to be interviewed on, feel free to let us know!


Thanks, Blake! Nothing to report on now, but maybe in a year or two.... :)

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