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Weekly Set Challenge -- The Year in Review

The Weekly Set Challenge began in its current form (i.e., as an individual contest hosted here as opposed to a contest between our site and Crossword Bebop) on 12/9/06, a little more than a year ago. Since then there have been 56 challenges, and I thought I'd provide a summary of what's happened in those weeks. (The full history of the Set challenges can be viewed here.) This is not really a fair summary, as I'm the only one who's participated in every challenge, but here's how things went. It will come as no surprise to regular participants that Karen of Verbatim beat the pant off the rest of us:

Karen -- 24 wins; 2 ties (with Debra)
Debra -- 17 wins; 2 ties (with Karen)
Maxine -- 5 wins
Jason -- 4 wins
Kimmy -- 1 win
Douglas -- 1 win
Tom -- 1 win
Deborah -- 1 win




:-) (Is there an emoticon that encompasses both graciousness and smugness?)


I think there's an emoticon for just about everything!

Oh oh oh! Karen, you'd be interested: you can play Scrabble AND Boggle on Facebook. I don't like Facebook all that much, but it's growing on me! Susan and I are playing Scrabble right now. And the Boggle is amazing. The players on it put me to shame, and I thought I was pretty good.


I'm conscious that I've fallen off miserably in attempting the set puzzle, so I should make it a new year's resolution to do it more often. Clearly, I could never catch up with Karen or Debra! Well done to both of you.


Well, get your mouse finger ready, Maxine, because we'll have another year-end wrap-up next December! That will be incentive for you.

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