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The new Amazon Kindle

V3-Whispernet. V4948240 I just wrote about a thousand Twitters about this. Amazon has announced today the release of its new ebook reader, Kindle. But it's not just an ebook reader. Yeah, yeah, it reads audio books too. But that's not the exciting part. The exciting thing is that it's wireless. But you don't need to hook it up to a computer. You don't need to find a hotspot. It connects via satellite, like cell phones, with no monthly charge. You're always on. You can buy a book on the fly--on a train, in a car. You can subscribe to newspapers and magazines and have them delivered to your device. You can have people Kindle you documents. This is the future. I'm very excited.

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Nice idea, but it needs to come waaaay down in price. $400 up-front, then just one subscription $14?!! a're up to $568 for a year's subscription to a newspaper. You can't clip coupons or other items you might want to clip, it's harder to read and if you drop it in a puddle or a snowbank it's GONE. Drop your newspaper and you've lost maybe a dollar.


A lower price would be nice, but that presumably will come. As for the subscription cost, that's a lot less than a paper subscription to the Times.

And of course the machine carries a lot more than just the newspaper.


The cost of a one year subscription to the Times is about $520. And yes, you can download other things to it but you have to pay for them. A book is $10 which is cheaper than a hardcover but not much cheaper than a paperback. It's too expensive and really not as a convenient as a book. Leave a book on a train and you're out ten bucks.


And I forgot to remind you... yesterday was World Toilet Day!


Yes! I celebrated it on TwitterLit and KidderLit.


Wow! I totally dig it! I want one--you can read in the dark! :D


Well, yes... I'm feeling guilty about being a naysayer... If money's no object, it would be a great toy. Who wouldn't want one?


Well, *if* it allowed you to cancel a print subscription to the Times, then it would pay for itself in a little over a year. Apart from being cool on so many other levels.

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