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The Literary Twitosphere

It seems like literary sites are suddenly beginning to make more use of Twitter. A number of litblogs and publishers have created Twitter accounts in just the last couple of days. Here's a list of the literary Twitterers I'm aware of, including my own accounts:

3ammagazine: From 3:AM Magazine.

az_fiction: Amazon's current top sellers in fiction. See Caracara for a list of other Amazon categories available on Twitter.

BAFAB: Announcements about Buy a Friend a Book Week.
book_blog: Book review notices from my own site,
BookDepository: Editor's Corner blog posts from Mark Thwaite's The Book Depository.
Bookins: A sampling of available books from Bookins, the book swap site.
Books: In association with
booktwo: Reading Joyce's Ulysses via Twitter. See
britlitblogs: The British literary scene, in association with

Dr_Watson: Musings from Sherlock Holmes' surprisingly well-wired assistant.

GraywolfPress: Associated with Graywolf Press.

HesperusPress: Associated with the Hesperus Press blog.

LibraryThingTim: News from LibraryThing, the book cataloguing site.

nyt_books: Book news from the New York Times.

OUPblog: The Twitter account of Oxford University Press's blog editor.

ReadySteadyBook: Posts from Mark Thwaite's Ready Steady Book.

SmithMag: Searching for six perfect words. See also
Snowbooks: From the independent publisher Snowbooks.

Twaiku: Haiku Twitters. See
TwitterFiction: Great works of fiction in brief. See also
TwitterLit: Twittering the first lines of books twice daily. See also
TwitterLitCA: The Canadian version of TwitterLit.
TwitterLitNews: TwitterLit-related announcements.
TwitterLitUK: The UK version of TwitterLit.
TwitterProse: Great lines from creative nonfiction. See Free Range Librarian.

Writing: Associated with

YalePress: Associated with the Yale Press Log.

If you're interested in searching for other literary topics on Twitter, I've created a Google custom search engine that just performs Twitter searches.



Thanks for this list. Love that photo of you as child in a literary lair, all those books!

I. Love. Books.


That's not me! That's daughter number one.

If you know of any other lit Twits let me know and I'll add them to the list.


Or possibly daughter number two, depending on which picture you got.

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