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Super Bookshelves of Doom

I've been reading all the haiku entries over at Bookshelves of Doom and I've got a clear favorite. Which one do you like? So as not to influence your judgment of them I'll just say that I liked the one that was posted at 8:32PM.

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It's hard not to sound sucky saying this, but yours is definitely the best, Debra. The 'stammering journalist' doesn't have the wry humour or depth (i.e., deeper meaning discovered on further contemplation) that your entry has.


Oh, you kiss up! Hmmm. Well, mine may have deeper meaning, I suppose, but that "sweet, stammering journalist" line is perfect. And "over the hero" is nice. It flows so naturally.

With mine I'd wanted "macho look" instead of "cool look," which I think would have flowed more naturally, but of course it doesn't fit.


I guess you could have said 'macho looks' instead of 'the cool look', but it's the best - hands down, in my book. It actually even has a certain sound about it that reminds me of the dialogue in the movies.


I think "macho looks" would have been good.

Well, I honestly didn't think, in asking the question, that you'd be pointing to mine. But thanks!

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