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Daily Puzzles: July 24

Here are my results for the various daily puzzles. Feel free to post your results in the comments section! (Other puzzle links in sidebar.)

SET PUZZLE: 0:39. I think this is my second fastest time!
SECRET WORD: 4 guesses.
SCRAMBLED WORD: 9 clicks (avg.: 32.2 clicks).

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Secret word: TAXIDERMY
Scrambled word: FRISK


Hello, Debra! The Set took me 1 minute, 27 seconds. (Congratulations on your amazing time!!)

I got the Secret word in 5 guesses and the Scrambled in 17 clicks.


Must be beginners luck, but I got the scrambled word in 5 clicks!


Do I espy a new puzzler in our midst? Someone to join us in the daily Set, perhaps?

But now that you're here: I've been intrigued by the idea of blog point. (Over at The Smug Cloud Kimmy's been setting her visitors challenges and assigning points to them.) I was trying to find out where you described the contest but I couldn't find any original post on the topic. (Frankly, I was thinking about stealing the concept and running with it....)


What happened to the N.Y.T. SUNDAY Crossword from July 23, "Foreign Accent?"


I haven't finished it yet! For some reason this one's taking an unusually long time. I'll try to get it up tomorrow.


Thanks for the welcome and for allowing me to participate in your daily puzzles.

I appreciate your compliments to my blog point system. Definitely feel free to steal the concept if you'd like. If you were looking for the original posting of the blog point rules, you won't find it on my current blog. I had started the blog point challenges on my old blog and have carried it over onto my present blog. I basically come up with random challenges and decide how many blog points I think it's worth and post that along with any rules that may apply to that particular challenge. Blog points go from Jan through Dec and then a winner is announced and we start over for the next year. At this point, I've only had friends in my blog circle participating, but we would totally welcome anyone who wanted to join in.

Also, am I reading right, are you the originator of BAFAB?? If so, than many thanks to you for such a great idea! My best friend and I just participated in our first BAFAB and it was so much fun!


Do you give your winner a prize? I'm going to think more about this.

And, why, yes! I *am* the originator of BAFAB. I' glad you enjoyed it.


Yes, I actually do give my winner a prize. I usually don't decide what the prize will be until the year is through and the winner is revealed.

And wow, the BAFAB originator herself! May I just say, BAFAB was a brilliant idea. How long ago did you start it?

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