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DIY charging station

I've been yearning for a charging station of late to make some order out of the chaos of cords and plugs in my kitchen. After looking around on the web for ideas I decided to try making one myself. There were a few limitations. I have minimal skill, for one thing, and minimal tools. Importantly, I didn't want to go into the scary part of the basement to get my jig saw, so everything would have to be done pretty much with a power drill. Plus, I didn't want to spend too much money.

The result isn't too bad. Certainly serviceable. Here's a breakdown of the cost:

  • wooden craft box: $5.99
  • velcro cord straps: $2.98
  • 6-outlet surge protector: $13.47
  • spade bit for making 1.5" holes: $6.47
  • stuff from around the house (felt feet; plastic doohickeys): $0.00

TOTAL COST: $28.90

Of course, if I hadn't needed to buy a surge protector, it would have been cheaper yet.

And here's what I did. 

1. I bought a wooden craft box (with lid) at Michael's craft store. It's a bit wider and taller than your average shoe box, but not by much. I would have preferred a longer box, to accomodate a larger surge protector, but this was the best I found.



2. I wanted to put the cover on upside down, both to make an edged platform and to make it look like something more than just a box. Because of this, I needed to insert something into the lid that would hold it in place when put atop the box. I initially tried using some metal shelf supports, then settled on the aforementioned plastic doohickeys. I drilled at each of the corners and pushed them in.




3. Then, I drilled a big hole in the side toward the rear, and a bunch in the top. Afterwards, lots of sanding to make things look reasonably decent. 



4. Then it was time to pack in the cords and put on the top, feeding the wires through the holes in the lid. I also printed out labels to attach to the end of the cords to make their identification easier. Not shown here, I added felt feet to the bottom of the station to raise it off the counter a little bit in case there's ever any spillage.




Here's the charging station in situ!




This is great! Much neater than all those wires, and I really like the way there's a place to stow the kindle and ipad while being charged.


This is how Torquemada started out, too...harmless home projects, a little sanding, a little drilling.....


I'll be hooking the children up presently to find out the TRUTH!

So nice to hear from you, Eric.

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