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A tool for purposeful walking

I just discovered a very cool tool. If you go to you can create a circle of any given radius around any point on a map. In fact, you can create multiple circles. I did it because I was curious about what stuff might be within a comfortable two-mile walk of my home. (I then made a second circle with a radius of one mile within that first circle, just to see what that would look like.) I like the idea of purposeful walking, but to do it I need a purpose. Maybe the map will help me find one. Anyway, here's what it looks like:

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at Sun. September 1 | 10.59.34 PM

Obviously, when you're using the tool you can enlarge the map to see more detail. What's amazing to me is how walkable some places are that you wouldn't normally think to walk to rather than drive. I've been walking about five miles a day on the treadmill for some time (12,000 steps a day now). This has been a boon for my TV and movie watching, but I wouldn't  mind incorporating some purposeful walking into the mix too, at least while the weather's decent.


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