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The Sunday Salon on Facebook -- biggish news! [TSS]

As you know, the Sunday Salon has had problems over the years because we grew very large, and the means I'd adopted for aggregating member feeds and producing a single RSS feed from them couldn't handle the pressure. Thus I cut off membership a while back at a little over 500 members. That has been working okay, and I assume it will continue to work fine. Please feel free to continue posting Sunday Salon posts on your blogs as you have been doing.

That said, I've thought for a while that were I creating the Salon today, I would do so much more simply, by just creating a Facebook group. And so I did that finally today: please feel free to join the group and spread the word to anyone you know who'd like to participate. You can discuss your reading there, link to your blog posts, etc. I'm hoping for a thriving literary community--and not necessarily limited to discussion on Sundays at this point.

[The Sunday Salon has actually had a Facebook group in the past, which was begun by Hsien-Hsien Lee, but it looks like that group has been inactive for a while, and I wanted to start fresh, given the expanded purpose of this group. Any members of the earlier group who would like are of course welcome to join the new one.]



Thank you so much for doing this! I have been participating without being an official participant for the last year or so!


Thanks so much for creating the new group! I'm looking forward to adding my Sunday Salon posts to the Facebook page.


Thanks for the comments! I think this will work out nicely. I should have thought to do it earlier.


Thanks, Deb, again. I know we've already talked on Twitter about this, but really appreciate it. Keep up the good work.


Thanks so much for doing this. I am glad there is a way for more people to participate. I am not on facebook, so will continue with my "old school" posting style.


Thanks, Bryan and beastmomma! I think this will complement the regular Salon posts nicely. It looks like people are eager, at any rate!


Excellent!! I missed out on the first time joining and thought it looked like everyone had loads of fun with it.

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