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Mile-high sewage

Cool! Well, cool in a nightmarish, I'm glad this didn't happen to me sort of way. The toilets on a Continental Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Newark overflowed last week while the plane was over the Atlantic. "I was forced to sit next to human excrement for seven hours," one particularly aggrieved passenger complained. He was also insulted that the flight attendants suggested passengers not eat or drink too much lest they add to the problem: there was only one "half-working bathroom" (which half?) available for more than 200 people. (Though this doesn't strike me as an unreasonable suggestion.)

Worse than sitting amidst sewage and smelling it for hours would be, for me, the unavailability of the bathroom. Anyway, click the link for the article and, yes!, a slide show.

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Funny! Years ago my sister dubbed the newslady who introduced the video clip "Disaster (Jean) Enerson" because of her seeming joy in reporting bad news.

Frankly, I think they're being unfair to Continental Airlines. Face it, s*** happens. Surely the blame should rest with those Irish plumbers!


Unfair to Continental? Even with the 500$ voucher for use specifically with them, we had to pay 200$ to 4000$ to sit in a cesspool for 7 hours. Who is being unfair here?


Ya.....I remember going to a campsite once, and the only available site was next to the outhouse.
Maybe they would have enjoyed it more if they could have had a bondfire. LMAO

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